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“ROB, RISE ON BELIEFJuly 6, 2010 | by Skope StaffRise On Belief (ROB) is ready to take the music world by storm with his hot debut album.  This NYC artist mixes it up with some classic rock and hard rock grooves that will get you pumped up from start to finish.  You will also hear elements of soul & funk that comes across as a solid effort & listen.This brand new record actually debuted in the top 20 on the Independent Music Charts and the single “Freedom” debuted at 41 on the top 50 singles independent music charts.  The track “Freedom” is actually a Jimi Hendrix song that ROB covered as the opening number on the CD.  I would say that ROB did the classic song & artist major justice as he and his bandmates just went all out here.  Some of ROB’s other musical influences include: Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  ROB’s wide range of musical tastes adds up to the BIG & DIVERSE sound that this disc displays. I have to mention that there are some amazing musicians backing up the lead singer here that will not go unnoticed.  Two aspects really stood out to me and that would be the hard rock guitar solos & riffs along with ROB’s power-punch vocals.  I just loved the overall rockin’ flavor/feel that is being played and I can’t seem to get enough of it.  With more rock than you can handle, it’s ironic that the title track actually exhibits more of a mellow approach.  ROB & company decided to take it down a level on “Rise On Belief” leaving behind their rock goodness but just for a second.  This may shock a listener to hear a completely different change of pace ¾ through the album but this did not surprise me at all.  Reason being is because I get ROB and what he’s trying to do with his music, which is not to associate any titles with this artist.  Keep it fresh ‘n’ eclectic always is what ROB is all about, so no other category needed. ROB is on his way with this new record and I see a promising future ahead for this rocked out singer/performer.  ROB is ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple & beyond, so get up off your seats and Rise On Belief!   For more info, SKOPE out By Jimmy Rae ( ****” - Jimmy Rae 


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Style: hard rock label: Rising On Belief ProductionsYear: 2007Home: New York City, New YorkMembers: ROB Hoagland ~ vocals Ronnie Drayton, Mario Rodriguez ~ guitars Richie Harrison ~ drums Mark "Abishai" Brooks ~ bass Laree Williams, LaJune ~ b. vocals Glamorous is a word that comes to mind when first hearing the debut from this New York City frontman. The second word is a positive message. I might be wrong on both accounts, but it's hard to deny that ROB Rise On Belief and his band aim to break into the mainstream commercial landscape. And not eternal garage band status with a highly polished and intricate sound melding hard rock &funk sensibilities with a big city groove. And his songs seem to share a positive message and vibe, even in the choice of the Hendrix cover Freedom. There's enough variety in his songs that it's obvious ROB doesn't want to be locked in. Albeit, if anything, he wants to be known as a high-energy powerhouse of an artist putting lots of ideas & enthusiasm into his music. I guess that's not too bad of a thing to be pigeon-holed! 
Further, that's probably one of his most significant assets, as, at times, the band overpowers and draws focus away from his singing. This might be more the fault of the mixing - & one starts to wonder how much of the music is reflective of ROB Rise On belief & how much is a producer's creation of what he wants ROB to be. Whose ever ideas are in the air? ROB Rise On Belief vocals have such energy you know he's a creative force of his own. Behind his singling out such lyrics as "I am the chosen one, I will fight .... like the sun; I bring the light" is music aiming for a significant impact with a chorus & lots of guitar solos & fills. 'The Chosen One' reminds me of KISS when they performed with a symphony. Big & bold & at times a little messy. In many ways, ROB even has a very New York sound, which many might say doesn't exist, compared to a San Francisco sound, until you hear ROB & know that the sound is big, textured & a little funky & a little raw. It's a mix of cultures like the city, balancing the wall between individuality & group popularity. The only thing missing from this album to make it perfect is legendary New Yorkers funkmaster T.M. Stevens or Joe Lynn Turner on backing vocals. Then it would be big & bold & at times a little messy. ROB also wears some of his influences on his sleeve. His advertising quotes the Rolling Stones as a strong influence, alongside Kravitz, the Chili Peppers & Hendrix. Still, as someone who's heard every Rolling Stone album, I don't know where they are in ROB's music, but I will say that the Kravitz influence is suitable with a bit of 80's funk made famous by the Chili's. ROB Rise On Belief is one of those musicians who I believe probably sounds better on stage. And I wouldn't mind seeing the next time he's in the area, so I can add to this review that what you hear is only part of the story & the flash & polish is as much alive on stage away from a producer's watchful eye.





Skope: How does it feel to be chosen as an A2W artist on ROB: It is a great feeling to be selected as a' Artist To Watch.' is an online publication that allows the public to learn more about me ROB Rise On Belief, my music, and my band. 

Skope: What have you been working on and promoting recently?ROB: I have been working on promoting my album 'ROB Rise On Belief,' my music video "The Chosen One," and my official website, merchandise, and most of all performing. I am also promoting my performance at Fonatanas on January 21, 2010, at 9 pm in New York City, and The Apollo Theatre on March 17, 2010, at 8 pm, a part of the Emergenza Festival for an emerging artist. Other bands will be performing that night as well. I am also promoting several other shows and tours that are now in the works for 2010 and beyond. 

Skope: What about your music do you feel sets it apart? 

ROB: I think my music sets me apart because it comes deep from the soul. It is rock music that incorporates all styles of music. You can understand everything about my music, from the vocals to the guitars, drums, and bass. It is music that doesn't go over your head. Every member of my band brings a different personality to my music. Bands personalities are significant when working with musicians who have worked with many great artists. They help bring out the true essence that sets me apart. Ten years from now, you can play my music, and it will relate to whatever is going on at that time. 

Skope: How did you start creating music and your band's long-term plans? 

ROB: I started making music at a young age. I come from a musical family, and I've learned to sing and write songs from listening to my family members. I also write poetry. Poetry helped me to develop my songwriting and musical skills. I also studied vocals at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and The Nubian Conservatory. These skills helped me to strengthen my voice and work with other musicians. I also started working with my musical partner Mark "Abishai" Brooks my manager Jeff Crews, and together we developed my sound of today. My long-term plans for me and my band are to sell millions of records, write and produce for other artists, tour, manage other artists, open a record label, create timeless music, and get as many Grammy Awards as possible. 

Skope: When you create music, what do you use as inspiration for lyrics & instrumentals? 

ROB: When I develop songs, my inspirations come from past, and present experiences, love, nature, the state of the world, other peoples stories, the heavens, a car, the sound of a train, the sound of a plane, in other words, everything inspires me to write lyrics and instrumentals. And music is everywhere. 

Skope: What is the most exciting aspect of being a musician in the digital age? ROB: The most exciting part of being a musician in the digital age is that you can reach millions of people without being signed to a record label and control your music's rights. You can also make a great living in the digital age of music. You can also use Pro-Tools to help you write and record or do pre-production before entering a major studio. Pro-Tools make it easier to get your ideas across to your band. There is nothing like being in control of your music, and the digital age allows you to be in total control of your career. 

Skope: What can we look forward to that our readers should know? 

ROB: Everyone can look forward to a new album now in the works. More touring, television appearances, merchandise, writing for other artists and acting, and making ROB Rise On Belief a household name. Remember ROB stands for Rising On Belief, and that's what you can look forward to seeing me do in the future—rising to the top.


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ROB Rise On Belief  
If Jimi Hendrix and Lenny Kravitz somehow had a love child and let the Red Hot Chili Peppers raise it, ROB Rise On Belief would be it. These are some big names to compare a new artist to, but ROBRise On Belief is every bit deserving of such accolades. ROB’s debut album Rise on Belief starts with the song “Freedom,” which has guitar stylings and even vocals that sound like ROB Rise On Belief directly channeled Hendrix, and Hendrix complied. Although there is a definite reminiscence of Jimi Hendrix in ROB’s songs, there isn’t the feeling that ROB Rise on Belief is simply trying to imitate Hendrix’s sound. It often happens that artists compared to other artists tend to be void of a sound of their own and instead just come across as wanting to be that artist. ROB Rise on Belief manages to avoid falling into being just a Hendrix knock-off and have a distinct style of his own. While the instrumental aspect of ROB’s music tends towards Hendrix, ROB Rise on Belief has a voice very similar to Lenny Kravitz, although with more of an edge. Both artists have a raw quality to their voices that add power to their vocals, but where Kravitz’s voice tends to have some smoothness to it, ROB Rise On Belief has a gravelly roughness that plays on the ear quite nicely. Having a guitar similar to Hendrix and vocals identical to Kravitz, listeners can already expect an aural pleasure. Throw in just a dash of Red Hot Chili Peppers to both the instrumentals and songs (particularly the styling on backing vocals), and you get the sound of ROB Rise on Belief. A truly exceptional blend of already familiar styles that results in something new and thoroughly enjoyable. Particular standouts on the album include “Freedom,” “When I Have You (By My Side),” and “The Chosen One,” but from the first track to the last, Rise on Belief is an excellent listening experience. Everything about the music itself fits together perfectly, with heartfelt lyrics to match. Rise on Belief is an album to check out. Carly Doenges - Contributor November 8, 2009 © For Questions Or Comments About This Review Send An Email To info@muzikreviews.


"ROB Rise On Belief Review from ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE ROB Rise On Belief  Style (Rock) Influences of rock and R&B permeate throughout this CD with the general sound rather reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz. Coincidentally, ROB too is African American which in itself isn't helping to create enough separation from Mr.Kravitz sound and popularity. Attempting to pull away from contemporary similarities I found the songs to have plenty of solid guitar work, excellent vocals (lead and backing), and a good groove reverberating from quality musicianship. As for the artwork, some CD's I'm left shaking my head wondering why. Aside from the cover image, which fits well with the music style on this CD. This has me wondering about the core "in the blood" rhythms ROB as a musician has or if this disk was produced to take advantage of the similarities between ROB and Kravitz sound."  
— All Access Magazine