ROB Rise On Belief - Front Man. Writer and Co-Poducer



ROB Rise On Belief Biography
ROB Rise On Belief is an innovative Rock music recording artist from Brooklyn New York. He is returning with his brand new sophomore album Bright Fame on Brightly Famous records.
ROB Rise On Belief has captivated audiences around the globe with his thought provoking lyrics, bass thumping and guitar driven rock music. ROB Rise On Belief style of rock music is a mixture of 70's, 80's and current rock with a distinctive flair. When you hear his music it literally give you chills.
ROB Rise On Belief has written co- written and produced most of the songs on the album Bright Fame along with Mark Abishai Brooks.
ROB Rise On Belief rocks out with his seven piece band. His musicians help bring the fire to his music. When you hear the name ROB Rise On Belief you know that you are listening to quality rock music that is destined to become a classic.


The Making Of The Album "Bright Fame" At Avatar Studios

Rehearsal at ultrasound studios in new york

ROB RISE ON BELIEF Live At Club Amazura

ROB RISE ON BELIEF Live At Arlenes Grocery

ROB Rise On Belief Live At The Worlds Famous Apollo Theater

Hanging out at the studio